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Hertz Adelaide Airport

Adelaide City, the capital of South Australia is said to be the fifth largest city of the continent. Boasting it’s globally recognized, Adelaide Airport, as the fifth most efficient and active airport in Australia. And with an average of more than seven million passengers in the year end of 2012, what else can we expect of on the succeeding years? And with this much travelers coming to Adelaide each year, how can a passenger make sure that he or she will be able to reach their destination conveniently on time? Yes, there are several buses and taxis that can bring you there. But the thing is, how faster and comfortable can it be compared to taking a Hertz Car Hire. service.

Hertz Car Hire has an extensive selection of vehicles from economy types to luxurious cars to cater to your specific needs. And if size matters, they have convertibles for individuals and passenger vans for families and groups. Hertz Car Hire services can easily acquire upon your arrival at the Adelaide Airport, as they are conveniently located in the terminal. In terms of rates, a car hire service may be steeper than common modes of transportation but it’s the best there is to be able to maximize your travel time with the comforts that you always wanted. Traveling is leisure, and leisure should always be smooth, easy, and relax. With Hertz Car Hire, you can enjoy some of its benefits such as, reasonable leisure rates, unlimited mileage, and other seasonal promotions for you to enjoy. You will also be happy to know that they never missed a flight!

If you haven’t made your trip and is still planning for one, you may want to consider booking your car hire service with Hertz in advance. Simply go to their website and choose a car and get a quote. You may also want to include your scheduled pick-up location and duration of the rentals in this. And if you find everything acceptable, you may now start the reservation process online as well. Always make sure to confirm all details of the package as well as your schedules. Keep your driver’s license and passport at hand as it may be required to be presented upon booking. It’s always better to plan things ahead of time, as they say “early bird catches the worm”. But in your case, early booking gets the perks!