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Adelaide Airport Trains

Upon visiting Australia, you will come across lots of places and ways to reach the places that you would like to visit. There are cabs, car hire services, buses and train stations too that will take you to different parts of Adelaide. The Great Southern Rail is just the only railway company in Adelaide that offer overland train tours within Australia. Adelaide airport trains offer not just a comfortable and challenging ride but it also offer you the best and memorable experience of seeing some of the most beautiful places in Australia. The Great Southern Rail truly offers you different types of services that you will surely enjoy. They have a booking office wherein you can discuss the trip with a helpful officer. They have assigned fares there too for different types of trips and they can help by providing you with different information too about the kind of trip that you want.

Ghan of Great Southern Rail offer you Adelaide airport trains service. It will take you from Adelaide going to the southern part of Australia particularly in Alice Springs. This has been the home of some of the best spots in Australia like Ayers Rock. You can also visit Darwin at the northern territories which is just one thousand eight hundred miles ride. This is equivalent to around 2 night’s trip using a railway. You can choose from 3 different types of service here and they are the Ghan, Red, and Gold & Platinum. With the red type of service, you can enjoy chairs with arms that are convertible to berths. With the gold option, you can have bigger 3 seater lounges that are also convertible to berths.

Adelaide airport trains like Great Southern Rail also offer you platinum type of service which is inclusive of twin sharing sleeper cabin that include a private bathroom. While with gold, the meals are also included and so with the platinum option. Diner will be available and will be served for red bearers. Adelaide airport trains like Great Southern Rail will take you to the Indian Pacific line will take you to different parts of Australia and it has been operation for forty years now. Tourists will be able to choose different types of services here and you can spend 3 nights here traveling from Sydney to Adelaide. You will be brought to some of the best and most exciting places in Australia and you will get to see the Blue Mountains and Nullabor Desert too.