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Adelaide Tourist Attractions

As they say, the fifth largest city in Australia is Adelaide, and the Adelaide Airport comes in as the core and recognized as their fifth most active airport in Australia. But what awaits us outside this terminal? Well, for those who are not aware of Adelaide Airport attractions, you will be amazed of how much there is to see and explore.

For kids and animal lovers, there is the Adelaide Zoo. This zoo is can be visited in the northern parklands of the city. It is believed to be one of most aged zoo in Australia and also as one of Adelaide Airport attractions. This zoo houses more than 1,800 animals and 300 species, including the popular rain forest birds, various amphibians, ferocious tigers and lions, slippery reptiles and so much more. Entrance fees differ from adults and children, but they also have some group packages at discounted rates.

One of Adelaide Airport attractions may catch the art lovers’ attention as you stopover the Art Gallery of South Australia. In this gallery, you can find over 38,000 artworks of famous artists from Australia, Europe, North America, and Asia. Admission is free except for some exclusive exhibits. The gallery also entertains and accommodates wedding ceremonies and special dinner functions and they can hold up to 120 guests for the event.

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens stands out as Adelaide Airport attractions for the green thumbs or even just the plant lovers. It is a well-designed reserved garden wherein giant Water Lilies, Moreton Bay Fig Trees, duck ponds and a huge lawn of greens can be seen. The garden also had different venues for meetings, conferences, and special events like birthdays and weddings. They also have catering services for those who need one.

To get a spectacular view of Adelaide, you may want to consider reaching up to the top of Mount Lofty. It is one of Adelaide Airport attractions you should not miss. It is positioned 15 km east of Adelaide City. And no worries because commuting to this park are easy with any public transportation service.

Occupying a one compound of structures on the North Terrace of Adelaide Parklands, is the South Australian Museum. It is one of Adelaide Airport attractions as it is a historical museum which was established in 1856, which is home to over 3,000 pieces of historical paintings, dresses, and other significant items. The museum is open for educational trips as well as self-guided trips. Interested parties will just have to contact them for reservations.

If you want to learn and experience the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, you should visit the Tandanya Aboriginal Culture Institute. In here, you can get a glimpse of the art exhibit, enjoy a cultural show which is considerably an Adelaide Airport Attractions. Also, in visiting the place, you will be able to come across the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. You can also buy genuine Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fabrics, books, clothes, music, arts, and crafts.

Another popular museum which is also Adelaide Airport attractions is the South Australian Maritime Museum. This place is known to hold Australia’s most aged marine collections. Most of the fine collections of paintings, photographs, souvenirs, sea chests, ship models, and navigating instruments were contribute by the seamen in 1872, who went through the Port Adelaide throughout the 19th and 20th century.

After visiting these places, it’s time to head on to Glenelg beach and have a break. This is such a favorite amongst the Adelaide Airport Attractions. It is only 10km from the center of Adelaide, and there you can find cozy hotels, museums, restaurants, and galleries. Kids and kids-at-heart will definitely enjoy the wonderful performances of the dolphins and seals.